Sit back, relax, feel good

This armchair is the perfect place to watch TV, recline or simply rest thanks to its optical and functional qualities. Available in three different ergonomic sizes and seat firmness options and equipped with electric motors that manoeuvre the body into any desirable relaxed position. Use the practical stand-up aid to protect your back when getting up from the chair. The recliner is available with a height-adjustable spindle as well as the Turn & Move function.


  • 3 different ergonomic sizes
  • E-motors
  • Heart balance position
  • Stand-up aid
  • Height-adjustable spindle
  • Turn & Move

Foot selection

  • Wooden star with constructive metal substructure

    (Wood available)

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Metal star-shaped stainless steel

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Metal star-shaped

  • Wood lens-shaped

    (Wood available)

  • Metal lens-shaped

  • Wooden rotating ring