Uncompromising cosiness

HU-EC19030 stands for first-class comfort. The HsL upholstery is available in three different firmness options and offers perfect seating comfort tailored to you. Choose between a suspended or a near-floor armrest variant. To tailor HU-EC19030 entirely to your needs, as well as three different ergonomic sizes there are also maxi back and maxi leg support options, as well as different feet. As a special feature, the Plus variant of this comfortable chair can take up to 200 kg. Thanks to its absolute highlight – optional seat and back heating – this armchair ensures cosiness and warmth in your home.


  • Suspended/near-floor armrests
  • Maxi back
  • Maxi leg support
  • Can take up to 200 kg in weight
  • E-motors
  • Stand-up aid

Foot selection

  • Wooden star with constructive metal substructure

    (Wood available)

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Wood lens-shaped

    (Wood available)

  • Metal lens-shaped

  • Metal star-shaped

  • Metal star-shaped stainless steel

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black