Relaxation at every stage of life

HU-ER18030 offers features that grow with you and adjusts individually to your ergonomic needs. Three sizes from S to L as well as three different seat heights and depths adapt effortlessly to your contours. HU-ER18030 also takes your preferred seat firmness into account: choose from three different upholsteries made of dimensionally stable cold foam with a 10-year guarantee.

The footrest and backrest of HU-ER18030 can be adjusted by body pressure or motor. You can further adjust the reclining and relaxation position at the touch of a button. The soft integrated headrest made of Rhombo-fill provides even more relaxation. In addition, the integrated stand-up aid function with a load capacity of 120 kilos ensures extra safety. An extended backrest and a height-adjustable rotary spindle are optionally available for tall people.


  • Adjustable footrest & back support
  • Stand-up aid
  • Variable lumbar support
  • Integrated back heating
  • Extra-long leg support & back length (optional)
  • Heart-balance function

Foot selection

  • Wooden star with constructive metal substructure

    (Wood available)

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Metal star-shaped stainless steel

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Metal star-shaped

  • Wood lens-shaped

    (Wood available)

  • Metal lens-shaped