Created as an oasis

Featuring an inviting design and convincing functionality, this recliner was created to help you feel good. It is available in three different ergonomic variants and offers the option of a fully upholstered or a metal armrest. In the basic version, all adjustments can be made through natural body pressure. Electronic motors are also available for additional comfort, adapting the chair precisely to meet your needs. Upon request, a height-adjustable spindle and a swivel base featuring the Turn & Move function are available.


  • E-motors
  • Height-adjustable spindle
  • Turn & Move
  • 3 armrest options
  • Various foot options

Foot selection

  • Wooden star with constructive metal substructure

    (Wood available)

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Metal star-shaped stainless steel

  • Metal star-shaped powder coated black

  • Metal star-shaped

  • Wood lens-shaped

    (Wood available)

  • Metal lens-shaped