Variability is in

HU-SC17009 offers an extraordinarily large range of variants. It goes without saying that the individual components can be perfectly combined for the intended room. Even the seat height can be adjusted. In addition, eight different arm designs are compatible with this suite, as well as twelve foot options. This enables you to put together your new favourite place, customised entirely to your own requirements. Be it suspended or near-floor. In metal or preferably in warm wood. Felled seams with or without contrasting stitching. You really get your money’s worth here with a completely individual look. With added comfort thanks to arm frame adjustments and technical extras such as the pull-out seat and Wall Away function, you can create your very own retreat.


  • 8 different arm designs
  • 12 different foot models
  • Wall-Away function
  • Motorised pull-out seat
  • Arm with frame adjustment

Foot selection

  • Metal profile foot black

  • Metal profile foot

  • Metal corner foot

  • Metal foot cylinder

  • Wooden foot cylinder

    (Wood available)

  • Wood

    (Wood available)

  • Narrow wooden foot

    (wood available as an option, only possible with armrest R)

  • Narrow metal foot chrome

    (only possible with armrest R)

  • Near-floor metal

  • Near-floor metal

    (Wood available)